Pros and cons of beeing a Physicians assistant

We’re going to help you out by creating a list of pros and cons. We are going to start with the negatives, but we’re going to be honest and give it to you like it really is.

PA Cons

  • You are not going to make as much as you would if you were a physician. Even at the top end of the scale – around $80,000 per year – the amount is going to be less than an MD.
  •  Some training is needed, but it is easy, takes little time, and is not as expensive as medical school. In general, most PA programs can be completed in around 100 weeks – compared to 150+ weeks for most medical school programs.
  • Some get a bad online reputation  through no fault of their own which requires input and remediation from a capable firm of reputation management specialists
  • In some instances, if your supervising physician has strange or long hours, you may be required to work odd hours as well. This is not the case for all jobs, though.

PA Pros

  • No long, expensive stints in medical school is one of the biggest pros of being a PA. You will still be able to make a very good living compared to a lot of other career paths you could take and a PA program can usually be completed in 100 weeks.
  • The life of a PA is very exciting with no two days ever the same. For example, some days you may be in the lab working with test results while other days you may be working directly with patients – who are different every day in some cases.
  • You can specialize in various areas easier so you can find something you truly enjoy.
  • No long, irregular hours like a physician or surgeon in some cases. This will vary on your specific job, but it is easy to get a “normal” work schedule if you are a physician assistant.
  • No need to try to fight your way into medical school and pay the expensive fees. A lot of colleges have great PA programs for you to follow.
  • Physician assistants are in high demand, which means job opportunities are very good. Additionally, salaries have been increasing for this career field.

The pros quite easily outweigh the cons in this case, you are probably wondering how to proceed toward the good life. The next step is simple to comprehend but difficult to put into action for some people. Hopefully, you are the type of person who can buckle down and charge forward toward a goal in life.

To achieve the good life – in any career you choose – you need to be the best you can be. Again, this sounds like common sense – and it is – but you really need to wrap your head around the idea of putting everything you have into being a great physician assistant. Whether you are just starting down the road to becoming a PA or you are one now, paying attention to the details is important.

A physician assistant is actually a very prestigious and noble career choice for many reasons. If you think you have what it takes, you need to study, learn, and gain experience so that you can be a grade A assistant to whichever physician you are assigned to work with. Being a physician assistant is a fulfilling way to reach the good life. And while the good life may be different for everyone, if a great salary and a rewarding job helping people sounds good to you, a PA position is a good idea.

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