What is the Nutrisystem Diet?

The Nutrisystem diet began over 40 years ago a weight loss plan based on the ideas of consuming low glycemic foods and eating an overall low calorie diet. When following the Nutrisystem diet, pre portioned, nutritious meals are delivered daily to your door. Dieters can select their meals in advance from a wide variety of menu options, which includes dessert choices and comfort food favorites like pizza and spaghetti.

Dieters are also encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising. The Nutrisystem diet is about changing your entire outlook on food; therefore, when you enroll in the Nutrisystem plan, you will also receive a “Mindset Makeover” pamphlet to help guide you through the mental challenges of losing weight. Weight lose counselors are also available to offer support to Nutrisystem members. Nutrisystem also offers an online support community; here, those following the Nutrisystem diet can exchange advice and tips, and find support from fellow Nutrisystem dieters. You can find great coupon code for supplements at BodyBuilding Promo Code

When following the Nutrisystem diet, you will eat five to six small meals a day. This helps keep your body full and your metabolism active. Unlike many other low calorie packaged products, Nutrisystem meals are low in sodium in addition to being low in saturated fat. Over the course of a day, women will consume approximately 1200 calories, and men, around 1500 calories. The Nutrisystem diet has many different menus that are appropriate for those with special dietary needs, such as vegetarians, those who suffer from type II diabetes, or for those who are looking to maintain and not lose weight. Depending on which meal items you choose, the average monthly cost of Nutrisystem is around $300 but can be less if you use a Nutrisystem coupon code with your order.

The Nutrisystem diet has proven to be especially beneficial to those who struggle with portion control. Nutrisystem’s pre portioned meals teaches those who are accustomed to overeating what anormal meal should look like. In addition, by being on the Nutrisystem diet, you do not have to keep any tempting foods in your home. The best way to avoid sabotaging your weight loss goals is by precluding the possibility from happening. A great place to get discounted vitamins is the site Vitamin World Coupon

There is no magic pre determined length of time that one should stay on the Nutrisystem diet; it depends on your personal weight loss goals and desires. Many people, as a way of “stepping down” will begin a partial Nutrisystem program; this is where there order only some of there meals, and begin testing out making their own meals again. This can be a great way to examine the progress that you have made and see if you know what proper portion sizes are.


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